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6PCS Perfectly shaped eggs without shell


6PCS Perfectly shaped eggs without shell


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Product Summary

1. Spray the inside of the egglet with the spray supplied (three to four times).
2. Pour the egg yolk (together with the egg white) from the egg into an egglet pan.
3. Close the mould with the lid at the top.
4. Place the egglett with the yolk in a pot (or similar) with hot water.
5. Remove the lid and place the finished egg shape gently on the plate.

➤Product Feature: 

--Are you tired of peeling cooked eggs?- Tired of only one flavor of boiled eggs? 

--A New Upgrade Multi-Functional Egg Poarcher is coming. 

--Save your time: It is much easier to crack a eggshell than to peel a cooked egg. 

-- Easy to use: Just need a little oil,crack egg,boil,pop out and enjoy. 

- Various flavors: You can add some interesting things, just like vegetable,fruit,and anything 
that makes eggs healthier and more delicious. 

➤Healthy & Safe & Durable: 

- Fully made of high quality PP and silicone which is odor and stain resistant. 

- FDA approved and Free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalate, and other toxins. 

- Hard to break,easy to clean, durable. 

➤Convenient and Effective: 

- The set has 6 egg boiler with lid making you prepare 6 eggs at once. 

- Hard lid with screw, not easy to fall off and add flavor conveniently. 

- Dishwasher safe and can be used in the freezer. 

➤All Applicable: 

- A Perfect egg cooker for boiling egg.It suits in any pot. 

- Perfect for a kitchen gift, family gift, festival gift,or moms gift. 

- Use to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. 

➤Product Specifications: 

- Color: Red and White. 

- Package Contains: 6pk silicone egg cookers. 

- Material: Food grade PP and silicone.

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  • Material : Silicone + BPA Free Plastic
  • Uses : Egg 
  • Color : Red 
  • Size: 31.2 × 21cm
  • Weight: 493g
  • Package includes: 6 x Silicone egg boil (eggletters)

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